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Welcome to Promat DURASTEEL®

Promat DURASTEEL® is a composite panel of fibre reinforced cement mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both outer surfaces. It is classed as ‘non-combustible’ to BS 476: Part 4:1970 and to Clause 10 of EN 13501-1:2002.  It is both highly impact and moisture resistant.

Promat DURASTEEL® has been developed and supported through rigorous testing for use in barriers, ducting, door and ceiling applications, with a wide range of specifications available.


Promat DURASTEEL® systems combine lightness, strength, impact, blast resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance. These systems remain unaffected by firefighters’ hoses, leaving them capable of performing their original function even during a fire.

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Case Studies

Wood Lane Tube Station - Promat DURASTEEL® Barriers >>London Heathrow Terminal 5 - Promat DURASTEEL® >>White City London -Promat DURASTEEL® >>


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