Secure Storage Unit - Dublin

Republic of Ireland - Dublin

Republic of Ireland - Dublin

Promat DURASTEEL® has been specified to provide fire protection to a £1.1 million secure storage unit within warehousing in Ireland.

Promat DURASTEEL® installer Invicta Group was chosen by one of the world’s leading archival storage solution companies to design and install a fire protected vault to securely store sensitive digital media and confidential documents.

DURASTEEL® was specified because it offered 4 hours fire protection. This level of protection was required to protect the sensitive documents in the event of fire and also from unauthorised access to the vault.

Not only was Promat DURASTEEL® used to protect the walls and ceilings of the vault and also installed on the underside of each mezzanine level to provide an extra independent four hours fire protection to each floor.

Andy Shearer, Managing Director at The Invicta Group says that the project offered a design challenge: “The vault had to be incorporated into a 100,000sq ft building without any loss of space. And the warehouse had to continue operating effectively and efficiently once the vault was in place, to ensure high service levels were maintained.

Invicta’s solution was to build a 676 metre square, 4-tier mezzanine in the corner of the warehouse. The project took 10 weeks to complete and resulted in an additional 3,000 square metres of extra storage space within the warehouse. To maximise the vault’s storage capacity, 20,000 linear feet of mobile storage units were installed across the mezzanine floors. 

Andy adds: “The storage unit is one of the most modern, high-tech vault facilities in the world. Not only is it protected by DURASTEEL® but climate control and gas suppression systems were also installed for ultimate fire protection.” 


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