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DURASTEEL® as well as a range of other Promat fire protection products have been used extensively inside the new satellite building T5C at London Heathrow Airport.

At the time Heathrow T5 was one of the largest construction projects in Europe. A site the size of Hyde Park in the middle of one of the world’s busiest international airport, hemmed in by some of Europe’s busiest roads made it extremely challenging.

Promat’s fit and forget DURASTEEL® fire barrier and other high performance fire protection systems were installed across the £4.2 billion development. Specifiers and insurers know that Promat’s products are tried and tested, easy to use, and tough and durable enough to be installed early in the building programme, even before the structure is watertight. And they can also count on Promat’s technical expertise and support.

Passive fire protection is playing an increasingly vital role in modern construction. Promat’s range of passive fire protection products are built into the fabric of a building, and create a physical barrier to contain heat and prevent the spread of smoke and fire. This containment helps control the course of a fire and the damage it can do, giving occupants time to get out and firefighters the chance to save the building.
Promat DURASTEEL® fire barrier was the largest installation on a single project in the product’s history, with over 60,000sqm being used in the main terminal building, the satellites and in the railway station – in some areas forming barriers 14m high. It featured prominently below apron level, lining the tunnel-like service corridors, the cavernous baggage handling areas, lift pits, workshops and plant rooms.  DURASTEEL® barrier easily met the specification for 120 minutes’ fire resistance. But that’s not the only reason it was chosen. The system was installed well before the dry envelope stage, so it had to be exceptionally tough and durable.

“Before the roof went on, rain water was running down the DURASTEEL® walls for months on end without any detrimental effect on the integrity of the product,” says Peter Sandals, site agent for Essex-based R&S Fire & Security Ltd, the specialist sub-contractor responsible for its installation.

Mace Solutions were the package contractor responsible for the design and construction of the compartment walls below the main terminal. The company says: “The system selection process identified Promat DURASTEEL® as the most appropriate partitioning material based on the fire rating, its durability and ability to withstand the environmental conditions that exist during the early phases of construction.”

And the architects working in partnership with Mace Solutions, Bryden Wood Associates, cited Promat’s technical expertise in helping to develop the specification, including wind loadings for the tall barriers and developing systems such as barriers with a plasterboard facing for office areas.

DURASTEEL®’s high impact resistance was another key factor. “The barriers must withstand the impact of trolleys and baggage systems,” says project architect Dan Cunliffe. “DURASTEEL® was the best product for the project, based on its versatility across a wide range of performance and other functional criteria.”

Alongside DURASTEEL® significant quantities of other Promat products were used in T5. They included Promat VERMICULUX®, Promat SUPALUX®, Promat MONOLUX® and Promat PROMATECT®-250 high performance fire protection boards – and Promat DURASTEEL® doors. Applications range from protecting structural steelwork in the satellite building to providing ceilings to airside cores, and cavity barriers inside the new control tower.

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