The 3D animations below provide details of typical DURASTEEL applications. The videos detail the stages undertaken by a Promat DURASTEEL® Approved Licenced Installer to provide a fit for purpose, tested and proven fire protection solution. A full Certificate of Conformity is issued for every installation.

Installation Example: Vertical barrier with Promat DURASTEEL® single door and horizontal cable tray/pipe penetrations passing through

Installation of:

  1. Base track
  2. Head track
  3. Vertical studs between head and base tracks
  4. Additional framing for door opening
  5. Additional framing for penetration details
  6. Installation of DURASTEEL® fillets and facings to one side of studs leaving open at door & penetration seal positions
  7. Mineral wool (if required)
  8. Other face of DURASTEEL® fillets and facings leaving open at door and penetration seal positions
  9. DURASTEEL® door
  10. Cable tray
  11. Completion of DURASTEEL® fillets and facings up to cable tray
  12. Firestopping around penetrations 


Installation Example: Horizontal self-supported ceiling constructed using Promat DURASTEEL®

Installation of:

  1. Steel perimeter mainframe
  2. Cross frame ceiling studs fixed
  3. Mineral wool added (if required)
  4. Installation of DURASTEEL® fillets to underside of ceiling stud framework 
  5. Completion of DURASTEEL® facings 

3. Installation Example: Promat DURASTEEL® used to create three-sided ductwork section

Installation detailing:

  1. Lifting of framework section to soffit
  2. Fixing to soffit
  3. Application of mastic to DURASTEEL® sheet edges and fixing of DURASTEEL® sheets to sides and bottom
  4. Lifting of the next framework section
  5. Fixing to soffit
  6. Bolting flanges together
  7. Application of mastic to DURASTEEL® sheet edges and fixing DURASTEEL® sheets to side and bottom
  8. Repeat for all sides 

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