PowerPromat DURASTEEL® provides fire and blast solutions to the energy, power generation/distribution sectors including:

  • Power stations and electrical sub-stations
  • Oil rigs and offshore platforms


The consequence of something going wrong in these sectors could lead to a catastrophe and only a system such as Promat DURASTEEL® has the flexibility and proven performance to provide effective and tested solutions.

Power Stations / Electrical Sub-stations


An electrical substation can be just a moment away from disaster due to the complicated processes that take place and the variety of combustible materials on site.

Transformers are a vital part of electrical distribution but are dangerous due to the quantity of oil they contain and their contact with high voltage elements. They can explode or catch fire without warning.

Commercial, industrial buildings and most large residential developments have substations with power distribution transformers installed either within the building or in close proximity. Many are critical energy networks and with the implications of a total power failure (for even a few seconds) to the banking, government, transport, defence, hospitals or business sectors, we can see how vital it is to install a system which maintains power supply, with little or no interruption.

Promat DURASTEEL® barriers are used to prevent catastrophic damage in the event of power transformer blasts and can also be installed between transformers, isolating the blast and minimising subsequent disruption.It can also be used to encase high voltage cables, compartment tunnels and provide fire-rated natural ventilation ducts or shafts.

Oil Rigs and Offshore Platforms


Its light weight and strength combine with its resistance to hydrocarbon fire, blast, impact, water and corrosion to make Promat DURASTEEL® the ideal choice for fire protection on offshore production platforms and in potentially hazardous land-based environments. A stainless steel option is able to counter engineers' corrosion concerns in offshore environments. 

These environments pose very high risks and are governed by strict regulations to ensure the highest fire and blast protection possible is provided.

Promat DURASTEEL® increases the level of fire protection from blasts and fire on offshore working environments and helps to protect workers on these platforms from fire and blasts by giving them the time and means to escape in the event on an incident. For more information, please email us.

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