TransportPromat DURASTEEL® has a vital role to play in the safety of transportation terminals, systems and infrastructure throughout the world. It is ideally suited for:

  • Airport projects
  • Rail, underground and metro projects
  • Road tunnel projects
It is equally as vital for the fire protection of brand new projects as it is for upgrade work projects.


For every airport operator, one key aspect of their mission statement is to provide for the highest standard of safety in civil aviation and airport operation.

Airports have millions of passengers pass through them every year and a huge amount of luggage and cargo. Safety and security in this kind of environment is paramount and Promat DURASTEEL® can be used in many areas of an airport to help protect people, buildings and information systems.

Typical areas where Promat DURASTEEL® systems can be used include; fire barriers in areas of non-public access in terminal buildings, linings to services tunnels and corridors, blast protection in luggage areas, internal transport systems such as connecting railway systems, workshops, ducts, plant rooms and transformer enclosures.

The range of Promat DURASTEEL® systems for airports are proven to meet or exceed the most rigorous British and International legislative requirements. It helps to ensure the safety of the passengers and staff in airports.

Rail and Metro 

Promat DURASTEEL® is lightweight, robust and ideally suited to the external environment of all trackside, station and rolling stock fire protection requirements. It is also widely used in rail tunnels.

Promat DURASTEEL® has been installed in rail and metro facilities throughout the world - including London Underground approval - in order to provide rail and metro fire protection to ensure the safety of the passengers and staff and reduce the impact of loss of service in the event of a fire.

Road Tunnels

It is also widely used in road tunnels where fire could be a risk due to levels of petrol and oil present and power supply.

Promat provides full project support from design to completion.